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Established in the 60s, the statement shirt started out as the simplest, most
straightforward way of expressing one’s political beliefs through clothing. After
quickly catching on as one of the most popular trends, these pieces have never
lost steam and have no shortage of relevance today, in a world that only grows in
awareness and compassion. Like blue jeans or the classic Converse Chuck
Taylors, these pieces never go out of style or ever run out of personality.

Over several decades, these pieces have quite literally epitomized expressing
yourself through fashion. From political beliefs and social stands, the use of
statement shirts have evolved to voice anything from quiet single lines to
screaming graffiti of moods, thoughts, feelings, and favorite quotes from
literature, movies, and music. Fast fashion brands sell them left and right in an
endless selection of colors, fonts, and cuts. When even these aren’t enough and
you can’t seem to find the perfect line from your favorite character, the easiest
thing to do is to find someone who does custom shirts and commission them to
produce it just for you.

Baby outfits have also taken up the trend; more fast fashion brands for children
have come out with onesies emblazoned with cute utterances of infant
expressions, if they were capable of speech.

Though many are commercially available in ready-to-wear, each baby is still
unique, just as the parents that raise them. Baby onesies don’t always have
exactly what you might be looking for – but where to find customized onesies?

Look no further, because we have developed a product for this exact purpose:
the Bibs Manila Statement Bib. They can literally be worn anywhere, any time,
and are much easier to switch around than actual clothing. You can select the
quote or come up with your original words, then choose from a variety of colors
for the bib and fonts for the text to complement and emphasize your statement
with visual appeal. Step up your baby’s bib game and take their personalized
baby bibs to the next level; everything is entirely up to you!

Search STATEMENT BIB from our products and select your design with a few clicks. We’ll take care of production and ensuring your products reach you in tip-top condition.

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