Another First from Bibs Manila: Personalized Adult Bibs

Beaded sunglasses chains, crocheted clothes, artsy accessories – trendy pieces continue to dominate the scene, whether online or offline. These days it’s all about merging statements with practicality – decorative face masks, tinted face shields, leather alcohol bottle holders, and metallic portable air purifiers. The more original the design, the better, and we are here to introduce the latest practical trend yet.

Introducing adult bibs: it’s all the freedom without the fuss, but with the added quirkiness that is sure to attract attention and start conversations. Match them with your baby or wear them out with friends; protect your clothing from the occasional clumsy stain or inevitable spills when eating messy food (which, let’s face it, is the most fun to consume).

Our personalized adult bibs are sturdy, and low maintenance. Clip them on and off with snaps on each side, easier to put on than your laziest T-shirt. It only takes seconds to clean them with water and detergent, so you can wear them again and again – if you can resist starting your own personal collection with a bunch of designs!

Our designs are as extensive as they are creative, perfect for expressing yourself in a way that is uniquely you, just like our personalized baby bibs. Whip out your custom design during meal time and prepare for laughs, instantly turning it into a fun-filled lunch or dinner.

Also perfect for seniors and those prone to senior moments, these giant bibs turn would-be embarrassing moments into conversation starters and memorable experiences. Our parents are as endearing as our babies, and these statement bibs are sure to steal the show for hip lolos and lolas, as gold as the photos they’d take in matching bibs with their baby grandkids.

Have some fun and make a themed party out of it – let us be part of your next family pig out with personalized bibs for everyone!

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