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Although technically just another day in our lives with only the calendar spelling out any difference, a new year signifies new beginnings, fresh starts, and clean slates. Sometimes, we all just need a tangible reminder to reflect on and hit the refresh button on all the recent (and not so recent) events that have happened to us, whether good or bad.

A new year is an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and strive to do better in many ways– from the big things like making changes in career or growing a family, to small things like getting rid of bad habits and picking up good ones. This year, it also happens to be a symbolic moment to move on from the immensely difficult year that we all have had to live through.

At Bibs Manila, we believe not only in always putting our best baby feet forward and looking fresh and clean at all times, but also in dressing to feel good. After all the trials of 2020, we know just as well as you do how important it is to find the little things that add color to life at home.

Enter our first line of 2021 – new designs for our personalized baby bibs for that much-needed wardrobe refresh!

New clothes and accessories mean new reasons to enjoy each day, whether at home or outdoors – simply dressing yourself in a nice outfit or using cute new slippers (regardless of where you are going) can instantly preempt your mood.

The same holds true for dressing your babies in new ensembles – feeling good and looking good can be as easy as collecting cute, functional accessories in so many cute new colors and prints. Start a new collection to rotate and keep your baby looking and feeling fresh all day, all week, all year!

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