You better watch out, you better not pout, and we will tell you why: it’s not just Santa coming to town this holiday season!


Bibs Manila has long been providing durable, versatile, personalized baby bibs in an endless spectrum of designs to young Filipino families. From daily wear to special occasions, many a Filipino child has seen worry-free play and fuss-free handling for their parents. Since our humble beginnings as a small Instagram shop burrowed in our backyard, we have expanded our operations to a full-fledged e-commerce website that ships unique, personalized functional accessories to babies all over the world.


Now, we make our way into the hearts and minds of young moms, dads, and godparents in our second continent! We are happy to announce the opening of an Australian chapter of Bibs Manila – quicker deliveries and cheaper shipping fees for the same personalized items worn by Filipino children.


Our top-quality materials are proudly sourced and produced on the tropical soil of the Philippine islands. Long-lasting all-around designs will soon be available at the tips of our Australian friends’ fingers – browse our sea of cute, quirky, and funny designs, and learn why starting your own collection is as fun as dressing your adorable little ones!


We know it all sounds very exciting for young parents and their friends who want to dress and gift infants and toddlers alike – but bibs for babies are not all we’re bringing to you! Our baby products have gotten so popular that we decided to create bibs for adults and grandparents, too. Browse our selection for witty lines and funky designs to suit your taste, and show up to barbecues and pizza parties decked out in conversation-starting, laughter-generating adult bibs!


Follow us on second Instagram account, @bibsmanila_au to keep tabs on com – unique, affordable gift ideas in time for the season of giving.

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