Reversible Personalized Baby Bibs

Dressing up your babies in many different ways is part of the fun in being a mom, or auntie. We know how addicting it can be to accessorize the cutest creatures on the planet in many different ways, and how we can all get carried away purchasing several items when they come in different colors, prints, and designs.


As every child and parent have their own unique personalities, we make sure to have something for everyone – and go the extra mile in doing so. Browse our catalog and you will find close to a thousand different themes, designs, and prints. We know how difficult it can get to choose only a few, or even several, when you find so many designs that suit your taste.


Because we embody how fashion and function go hand in hand in our products, we also take to heart the need for storage efficiency and practicality when building and sustaining your collection – and came up with a solution for you.


Our newest innovation, reversible personalized baby bibs, lets you have two designs of your choice in one functional accessory for your baby. Need a bib for two different themed events in one day? Want a printed design in two colors? Have both on one sturdy bib! Simply flip them over for an overall new look, and save on half the storage space you would normally need.


At an introductory price of only Php280, having one reversible personalized baby bib is like getting two regular bibs at a Php70 discount (regular bibs typically priced at Php175). We guarantee that the high quality we maintain is not compromised in our new product, with printed polyester material used for the second design at the back of each bib.


Now that you can have two in one, you have every excuse to get all the designs you desire!

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