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In a lot of ways, the world of custom retail has grown so much further from what we knew when we first experienced walking into boutiques to the almost immediate digital landscape is today. Gone are the days when sourcing bespoke items were done through the grapevine; now, a few clicks on Google can get you exactly what you are looking for.


Grown from the ground in the garage warehouse of our own home, Bibs Manila spent years in painstaking research, development, and meticulous testing from product quality to packaging and delivery. Once we were confident in our product and service, we finally established ourselves in 2019 and walked straight into the waiting arms of fellow young parents who shared our passion for the best baby merchandise.


The proud pioneers of personalized baby bibs, we have constantly strived to innovate with our designs and personalization. Because we take individuality to heart, we came up with hundreds of different designs to suit every baby’s (and parent’s) personality.


But because we know how much it means to have belongings that are only your baby’s own, that was not enough – we came out with a new product, the original Statement Bib, which allows you to put your own thoughts onto our product, with custom fonts and colors to boot.


And we didn’t stop there: to continue providing our valued customers with as many options as possible, we now introduce the Design Your Own Bib. A product you can pattern exactly to your liking, this allows you to choose from a variety of backgrounds, fonts, colors, and images to suit your individuality on top of the custom text and baby’s name. The endless possibilities surpass the already limitless boundaries of your options each time you choose your own design elements and view the product samples.


At Bibs Manila, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. If there is any other way we can further cater to your specific needs, get in touch with us and see what we can do for you.

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