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bibs hand-painted bibs made in the philippines personalized bibs

One of the things that are proving to be struggles during quarantine include the
impossibility of relief from daily routines, tasks, and duties. It’s true that we have
adjusted our professional lives to the shift in reality during this pandemic; most of
us have taken measures to learn new things, change our working styles, and
ensure productivity at home…but that is not all that living is about.

In the movie Dead Poets Society, Robin Williams’ character quips: “Medicine,
law, business, engineering—these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain
life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love—these are what we stay alive for.”


KC Fontelo, an incoming 7th grader from Dumaguete City, is a budding young artist resolute in finding these creative outlets for herself, and providing them for
others. An active girl of many interests, she plays for the chess varsity on top of
receiving the highest academic honors, a Dean’s Medal, and math awards. She
demonstrates creative inclination through musical prowess in playing the piano
and the guitar, and singing in Church.

Determined to make the most out of life at home, KC took up a new interest:
painting. “When I was small, I found art fun as a hobby,” she shares. “Painting is
a whole new experience for me [now] and is quite a challenge because I usually

Bibs Manila has partnered with KC for her to be able to use our personalized
baby bibs as murals for her blossoming talent. We collaborated to come out with
over 20 different designs showcasing KC’s work, each one more creative than the
next. We want to show our support to the young who show interest in honing
their skills, and share expressions of themselves. At the same time, we want to
impart on our community some inspiration and relief for the soul, in the form of

“I’ve grown to enjoy painting and it has become one of the sources of my
happiness. I hope my paintings will bring joy to you the way they did to me.”
Search our BIBS MANILA x KC FONTELO line to browse these genuine, hand painted designs. A portion of profits will be donated to a beneficiary of the artist’s choice.

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