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Of the many needs that come with a new baby – bodysuits, baby bags, bottles, and binkies – a bib is one of the things that no new parent would ever expect to get so technical. With multiple functions and purposes, research will actually uncover some confusing details surrounding the various types of baby bibs available on the market.  We prepared a few helpful pointers for you to know a little more about these unexpectedly imperative essentials:  



Babies are adorable bundles of joy, but they are also little humans that learn to move around faster than they learn to take care of themselves. They leak from every possible body part: from their wide eyes, down to their plump little bottoms. They make messes that you would not have expected from such tiny creatures.


Incessant drool is one of the most prominent sources of the messes that any parent will have to clean up again and again if not prevented properly. It can ruin baby clothes in a matter of minutes; bibs are the simplest and most effective ways to avoid such problems.



Depending on your baby’s needs, the quality required from a bib will differ. Newborns and infants will, for instance, need simple bibs that merely protect their clothes during nursing or day-to-day activity. Babies and toddlers who are ready to consume solid food will need more sturdy bibs suitable for feeding.


Our personalized baby bibs are simple enough to be used for body and clothing protection against drool and during nursing, but also durable enough for feeding. We recommend using them for babies and toddlers from birth, up to two years of age.



A bib is not just a functional piece of clothing; it is a personal accessory. You can hit two birds with one stone (classic function and fashion tandem) because a bib is worn right smack on the front of your baby’s outfit; it sets the tone of their entire ensemble. Clothing can actually even become optional when you have a high-quality accessory as close to clothing as a bib is – with a charming design to boot.



As they are worn day in and out and will need constant replacement, you want to make sure that your baby bibs are quick and easy to care for. Bibs Manila products are a piece of cake to clean and maintain: just wash them with water and any detergent, hang them up to dry…and you’re done!

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