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Baby Piera's Quarantine Party with Personalized Bib from Bibs Manila

One of the biggest struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic is the need to sacrifice the way we had intended on living to save our own—and others’—lives. It is easy to see quarantine as letting your best years pass you by, and it grows more and more difficult to remember why we had to stop seizing the day.


Amidst these hardships in our households and in the community, there is often a bright little light that can be lit in the smallest of ways. We would like to share the story of one of many young families marking milestones in the confines of their home:


Piera Masangcay is one of our Bibs Manila babies who celebrated their birthdays during quarantine. What was supposed to be a big Under the Sea production with friends from all over turned into an intimate gathering with just her family.


Mommy Mau Masangcay’s cousin gifted baby Piera with a mermaid-designed bib, which was received with much excitement. “[I was] so happy because I love personalized items,” says Mau. “After that I started following Bibs Manila and got addicted to checking their posts. It gave me the idea for my second [back-up birthday] plan – I don’t need alternative gowns. I just need a personalized baby bib to match our new quarantine theme!”


The party was held at home with their closest relatives. Despite canceled plans, a much smaller event than desired, and a milestone that was not celebrated as intended, the parents held nothing but gratitude in their hearts for the good health of the people who matter most to them.


Indeed there is much for which to be thankful. In a time where nothing is certain, all we can do is adapt to the new normal, and find ways to be together during these trying times. We at Bibs Manila are very happy to be there for your needs.

From Mau to her daughter:

Happy birthday Piera! This might not be the kind of celebration we planned at first, but we are grateful that we are all safe and healthy especially you, anak. We love you so much!  

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