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Identity is something carried from the crib to the grave; a name lives on in the world long after the life that carried it leaves. A person’s name is the beginning of their personality, which is why choosing a name that represents it is a significant task indeed.

For the parents looking for differentiated names – we have come up with a list of names your baby can have emblazoned loudly and proudly on their personalized baby bibs. Some are inspired by the most creative minds that the earth has produced:

  • Auden is an authentic, gender-neutral name inspired by the Pulitzer prize winning poet W.H. Auden. It is of Old English origin and means “old friend”. 
  • Bear is a common word unconventionally used as an adventurous name for the children of several artistically-inclined celebrities like Alicia Silverstone, Kate Winslet, and Liam Payne.
  • Beckett, after the author of popular play Waiting for Godot, is a name favored by the cultured and discerning. It comes from Old English roots that stand for “dwelling by the brook”.
  • Crew is another name that reimagines the purpose of a word used in other ways. Preppy athletes fondly use this term to pertain to rowing as a sport, but it doubles as a powerful name as well.
  • Luca, although derived from the Latin word lux, is an Italian name that means “light”. Hillary Duff must have really enjoyed her time in Rome filming the Lizzie McGuire movie because this is what she named her son, many years later.
  • Holden is a name of English origin popularized by Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye. That it means “deep valley” reinforces its association with depth and complexity.
  • Hopper is a charming, gender-neutral name that quite literally means highly energetic. Although more commonly used as a last name, the effect of its repurposing as a first name is decidedly underrated.
  • Jagger is an edgy name that carries the ardour of popular Rolling Stones lead singer and founding member, Mick Jagger.
  • Piper is an attractive name that is not done enough justice by its lack of popularity. Of Romanian origin, it means “pipe or flute player” alluding to its musical quality.
  •  Zephyr is a tribute to Greek mythology; he is the Greek god of the west wind, regarded as the gentlest warm and light breeze.

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