We put the “FUN” in functional!

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Gone are the days of plain white – apart from the fact that our personalized baby
bibs redefine the old pieces of cloth your baby wears, here are 7 reasons
to choose our personalized baby bibs:

1. Easy care; hard wear and tear!
No bleach, no special handling, no fuss – with ordinary detergent, just add
water and your bib is good as new in seconds! We use fabric
that is low maintenance but high quality; a bib will stand the test
of time, washes, drool, and food spills!

2. Just for your baby
Our bibs are personalized with your baby’s name in the designs of your
choice, exactly how you would want them. We know the longing and the
thrill, just as well as you do, of having customized belongings for babies.

3. The size is right
Our bibs are sized for a perfect fit around babies up to two years old. We
took extra care deciding on the canvas for our designs (and yours as well).

4. Stewards of style
To parties, to playtime, to the high chair, and to the crib – these bibs are
each baby and toddler’s functional accessory anywhere they go. They can
even stand on their own or give character to the most basic baby outfit.
To photo shoots (whether in a studio or mini ones for those Instagram
OOTD updates), to first birthdays, to any occasion at all – our bibs are the
most stylish trimmings for the quietest days at home and the fanciest
parties your baby will attend.

5. Endless designs
Admit it – you have spent copious amounts of time browsing our extensive
selection of personalized bibs. There are several patterns and 
designs for every mood, personality, function, and occasion to choose
only one or two.

The possibilities don’t even end with our (few hundred strong) selection of
styles – you can request for your own design, or submit your own!


6. Love local
Homegrown and proudly 100% Filipino-made, we are young parents just
like you who share your eagerness for bespoke belongings for your
precious little one.


7. Quality and quantity

For a price that is easily affordable enough to start your own collection (or
order sets to start your friends’!), you definitely get value for your money.
Made from sturdy materials and long-lasting detail, our bibs will not only
feel like they are of good quality – they will look it, even after multiple

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