Proud Patented Parents

We started out small, and with your support have grown into what we are today. After almost a thousand designs that fit every season, occasion, and even days without, we continue to work hard at innovating our product and designs for you to enjoy shopping for and giving away.

Our product started out simply – inspired by our own experience, gravitating towards personalized items for our baby, we came up with the idea to produce our own customized items and share them with fellow young parents. As with any child you bear, nurture, and raise, we value our brain child with the same sense of protective instincts.

We are happy to announce that Bibs Manila holds the patent for printable bibs under the Intellectual Property Code, with exclusive rights to use, manufacture, produce, and sell these items. We are officially the proud exclusive makers of personalized baby bibs!

We value individuality, hence the customized designs and labels that represent each personality. We continue to work hard to come up with impactful designs, and have taken care to go through every process of ensuring that we possess the same sense of ownership that you have over your orders, in our own products. Each design you see is born from rightfully purchased graphics, the creativity of our designers and collaborative partners, and our own original concept of putting them on a bib that is unique to you and your babies.

We are extremely grateful for your support, and the community we have built today. We would not be where we are now without each and every one of you, and we hope you get to appreciate your personalized items a little more. Know that we put in the work to go through the motions of due process to own our product, and the nature of business in which we have ventured, to ensure the legitimacy of the products that we provide you.  

PHILIPPINE PATENT: 2-2020-050461

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