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Pull up a Google search on baby name ideas and you will probably find top articles suggested for every other parent looking on the internet at the same time.

But no – you want something that is just yours. You want something that will stand out; you want something that will not get lost in a class.

We have come up with a list of unique baby names you might consider. After all, our personalized baby bibs begin and end with your baby’s name: 

  1. Aislinn is a name that means “dream”. Pronounced “ash-lin”, it hails from the same country that grew our favorite actress with an equally distinct name, Saoirse Ronan.
  1. Janiya is a rare Hebrew name that means “from Jana”, the Roman goddess of the moon. This name was very popular in the West during the mid- to late-2000s, but has since become fairly uncommon. Also spelled as Jania, its charming hints at ethnicity make it an interpretation of the name Jane that is anything but plain.
  1. Safiya is an Egyptian name that means pure, and a sincere friend. Pronounced “sa-fee-ya”, it implies a more imaginative version of the name Sofia.
  1. Maisha is a name that means “alive and well”. This name is full of character stemming from its African roots and association with a musical group from the London jazz underground scene.
  1. Suri is a name reminiscent of Suri Cruise, the product of some insane power genes from Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The charming name is as underrated as the obscure celebrity child known by it.
  1. Declan is another Irish given name that means “man of prayer” or “full of goodness”. St. Declan’s Stone in Ireland has born witness to several miracles, making this name most suitable for answered prayers.
  1. Shoda is a Japanese name that means “flat, level field” which can be interpreted to connote steadiness, calm, and sound judgment.
  1. Daxton is a name that means “warrior who conquers great obstacles”. Of French origin, it suggests a European interpretation of the American Jackson. It can be shortened to an affectionate “Dax” (as in Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell’s husband).
  1. Lochlan is a name grounded in history and nature. It means “land of lakes” in Scottish with old Gaelic and Welsh origins as well. From it the charming nickname Lochie (“law-chie”) can be derived.
  1. Leif is a name derived from Leifr, an Old Norse name that means “heir” or “descendant”. Of Scandinavian origin, this hefty name is pronounced “leyf” and implies strength.

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