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Theme decided, outfit ordered, pre-birthday shoot set, venue and stylist booked –

Rhea Revamonte and her husband Sonny Carl were all set for their first
daughter, Lia, to turn one year old with a big “One in a Melon” themed birthday

Alas, COVID spread, and with it came the dreaded and detested quarantine.
Deliveries put on hold, mass gatherings prohibited, and the period extended for
weeks at a time – the Revamonte family’s big celebration was forced indoors with
no possibility of guests for Lia’s birthday on April 28.

This unexpected turn of events did nothing to daunt our Bibs Manila mommy’s
spirit. What perseverance she demonstrated when planning the big party was not
lost on the small one – at no cost!

Out came the at-home art materials, spare decorations left over from her days as
a school teacher, and party favors donated by one of her dearest friends. They
were even able to find props for a mini pre-birthday shoot with Lia!

“I ordered a personalized baby bib from Bibs Manila because I wanted to pair it
with Lia’s outfit during her pre-birthday shoot and 1 st birthday celebration,” Rhea
shares. “I am glad I did because the quality is great and the design is cute!”

One in Melon Party with Personalized Bib from Bibs Manila















“Bibs Manila is definitely a must try,” she continues. “They have so many cute
designs and can personalize with your little one’s name! I am one happy and
satisfied mom.”

It was a quiet celebration for the young family of three, but no less filled with love,
happiness, and gratitude. They ate with gusto and enjoyed each other’s
company, thanking God the whole time for the blessings of good health despite
the difficulty of decreased mobility. Comfort and company came second to safety
for the Revamontes, overcoming one great setback to celebrate this family

From Rhea to Lia on her special day:
"We want you to grow with a happy heart to be a healthy, respectful, and
responsible individual. Know that we will always be here to guide and support
you towards whatever you want to be in the future. We love you so much!"

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