Solid Meal Kit in Cotton Candy - All Silicone Spoon
Solid Meal Kit in Cotton Candy - All Silicone Spoon
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Solid Meal Kit in Cotton Candy - All Silicone Spoon

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It’s a slow Sunday morning and you’re idly cleaning out some drawers and shelves. You find some old photo albums and scrapbooks, dated back to the pre-digital era. You pluck out your baby book, open it, and find the most random interesting things. Your yellowing baptismal guestlist has notes from godmothers and uncles you still see around. A lock of hair from your first haircut and your umbilical cord are taped on separate pages. It seems a little weird that your parents would save traces of your hands and feet, or describe the weather the day you were born, but it’s the nicest thing to know and see all the same.


Every first moment is a milestone with each new baby. We commit every little thing to memory because each moment is precious and fleeting, an event to be proud of, and later be nostalgic about.


Our First Solid Meal Bib is now sold as a full kit for one particular celebration – make that transition from milk to solids as celebrated as it is special with a full set of items customized just                            

for your baby. For an introductory price of only P579, you can get a personalized baby bib for the occasion; a suction bowl for the mashed bananas or any puree you decide; an official First Solid Meal Certificate to commemorate the day; and a First Solid Meal Personalized Bag to carry everything in, should you like to celebrate this special moment with more loved ones.


We at Bibs Manila want to be there to help make these little milestones a little more your own, no matter how many other young families out there go through the same thing. Celebrate the times that are important to you with cute formalities and distinct customized treasures that color your lives as a little  family.


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