Fun Specs with UV Protection
Bibs Manila

Fun Specs with UV Protection

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You don't have to be a fashionista or even a mom to know that sunglasses are a necessity for your little ones.

And when you're talking about baby sunglasses, there are tons of options out there: from the stylish look of aviator-style frames to the practicality of full-rimmed shades that cover your whole face, there's definitely something for everyone.

But sometimes, when you're looking for something that will protect your baby from the sun and keep them comfortable, you want something more than just another pair of sunglasses—you want something that's cute, fashionable, and functional. And luckily, we found just the thing!

The Bibs Manila Fun Specs is our new line of baby accessory that has UV protection built right in. They come in fun candy colors like pink and purple with flower-like shapes on them so they're both fashionable AND functional. And they come with a case too!

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